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Check back regularly for updates!


What is the deadline for recipes?

Great question! We hope to have enough recipes by January. This will allow time to manually type and format them in our template. Our goal is to publish by late spring or early summer. 


Since we really don't know what to expect, we don’t have a hard and fast deadline. We really just need to see how many submissions we get for recipes in each category (entrées, desserts, appetizers, etc.) and we’ll go from there.


If we get inundated with hundreds and thousands of fantastic recipes, we may end up having a very short deadline. On the other hand, if recipes trickle in like molasses, we’ll probably have an extended deadline for submissions.


If anything changes, we’ll be sure to announce it here and on the Home Page.

Will all recipes be included in the cookbook?

We would love to include every recipe! But realistically, that probably won’t be possible. For example, if we get 50 chili recipes (and we do love chili!), we’re probably going to have to narrow that number down. Otherwise, we’d either end up having a cookbook that’s filled with nothing but chili recipes or one that’s heavier than a phonebook (if anyone remembers what that is).


However, we would like to create an ebook in addition to the print version that would allow for every recipe submitted. And we do have this nifty website, so there’s that. More to follow!

When will the cookbook be published?

If all goes well (fingers crossed!), we’re hoping to have the cookbook available by late spring 2024.


Once we have all the recipe submissions—hopefully no later than January 2024—we’ll need to review all of them and type out each one individually, which is going to take a bit of time.


As mentioned above, if we get tons of recipes well before January, we can start working on this sooner. But if we don't get enough recipes by January, we'll need to extend the deadline and it could take longer.


As soon as we know when we’re ready to go to print, we’ll make a HUGE announcement on this website.

Where can we buy the cookbook?

Another great question! Since we’re going to self-publish, we plan to offer the cookbook through Amazon.


As soon as that’s ready to happen, we’ll have a link on the website that you can share with all your friends and family!

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