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All of the TrailRecon Cookbook proceeds will be donated to Operation Homefront

Our Mission

Regena Kowitz

Regena has been cooking ever since her oldest child, now 27, stopped eating baby food and she realized someone needed to feed him! The camp cooking came along later, after her husband Brad bought his first Jeep and she quickly learned eating beans and weenies on the trail gets old fast. Very fast! Now during their off-grid adventures, Regena loves whipping up family favorites as well as new recipes in her camp kitchen. She loves trying out different cooking methods on the trail and has made dishes on a standard propane stove, skottle, griddle, and has even been known to bring along a rice cooker. But her all-time favorite things to do is use her stovetop oven to bake brownies for everyone to enjoy around the campfire!


Regena is married to Brad the founder and creator of Trailrecon, and they have three amazing sons. They met while serving in the Navy as Hospital Corpsmen. After their first child was born, the one that needed to be fed, Regena decided one parent on active duty was plenty, and was honorably discharge after serving six years. She transitioned to being a Navy spouse while Brad continued to serve, retiring after 26 years as a Master Chief Petty Officer. Regena often jokes that she loves Navy Medicine so much, she gave birth to a Hospital Corpsman—one of their younger sons followed in his parents’ footsteps, serving as Navy Corpsman for six years. The military community is definitely near and dear to Regena’s heart!

V on Jeep.heic
V on Jeep.heic

Vianne Newell

Vianne has had a love for cooking most of her life. Originally from the South, her love language is food and she loves nothing more than sharing that love with friends and family whether on the back porch or around a campfire. Vianne's husband, Pete served 32 years in the Army primarily as an Infantryman. His career took them all over the world and through many deployments. Vianne has honed her skills for cooking on everyone from finicky toddlers to entertaining groups of 60+. 


About 5 years ago, she took that passion off road. Although she enjoys her role as co-pilot in her husband Pete's Gladiator, her favorite part of off-roading is cooking at the end of a day of adventure. Each trip, she looks forward to the challenge of converting her favorite home recipes to the outdoor kitchen. She and Pete eat a variety of food from Indian to Thai to American Southern favorites. If asked which cook equipment she won't camp without, she would choose the griddle, hands down!

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