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The TrailRecon Cookbook

Regena Kowitz, Vianne Newell,

and Giving Back

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How It All Started

What a Great Idea!

One day, Vianne reached out to Regena and said, "Hey, I've got an idea I want to run by you." And that, my friends, was the start of their journey to create the TrailRecon Cookbook.


Both Vianne and Regena love collecting recipes to make for their family and friends, at home and on the trail. Vianne had wanted to create a cookbook for a while, and Regena often gets asked by TrailRecon viewers about writing a cookbook with the recipes they see on the YouTube channel. So, the idea has been simmering in the backs of their minds.


But the thought of creating a cookbook on their own was overwhelming. It would be a huge project that included deciding on what recipes to include, figuring out how to design a book, learning how to publish a book, and on and on….


Too much work for one person by themselves. But maybe, just maybe, it could be doable with a little collaboration.


And this got Vianne thinking…


Both she and Regena have strong ties to the military community—Vianne is an Army spouse (retired) and Regena is the spouse of a retired Sailor and Navy veteran herself—and they were both familiar with the tradition of military spouses collaborating to create cookbooks for unit fundraisers.


These unique cookbooks are not only a collection of tried-and-true recipes, they are also culinary time capsules, capturing a moment in history by sharing stories and anecdotes from those who contributed their recipes.


Vianne has her mother-in-law's Army spouse cookbooks from the 1970s and 1980s, complete with Jell-O molds and cream-of-something soup recipes that were very popular in that era. The more current cookbooks from Vianne's time as an Army spouse tell the story of long deployments and a supportive community built on a foundation of shared interests and values.


A community very much like the off-roading and overlanding community. And like the military community, off-roaders and overlanders are incredibly supportive of each other, and they love to learn and share. They also love to eat!


And that’s when Vianne came up with her bright idea!


What if, Vianne thought, instead of just one person trying to write a cookbook, it was created by a community? The TrailRecon community.


Vianne reached out to Regena who enthusiastically agreed they should go for it! And now they are working together to compile recipes from members of the TrailRecon. Their goal is to create a collection of tasty trail recipes that showcases delicious food, and shares the story of our community and the joy of exploring our world outside!


And going back to the inspiration—those military community fundraising cookbooks—Vianne and Regena will donate all profits from the cookbook to a charity that supports active duty military, veterans, and their families, bringing it all full circle.


We hope you will contribute your favorite recipes, share your stories, and help us highlight another side of off-roading and on the trail!


A sample of Vianne's collection of Army Spouse Cookbooks. Some date back to the 1950's, a treasured keepsake from her Mother-in-law. 

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